Wooly Rounds Wool Dryer Balls Product Review

Have you ever been intimidated by wool products of any kind? I have to start this product review and raise my hand high and answer yes to this question. I am one of those “extreme” cases where I look at something the wrong way and get a rash..really. I am also the person who falls under the prescription heading (which is always in CAPS): “AN ALLERGIC REACTION TO THIS MEDICINE is unlikely but seek immediate medical attention if it occurs.” So just to clarify again…I am EXTREMELY sensitive.

When Cyndi of Wooly Rounds contacted me a few weeks ago I honestly was hesitant to do a product review. I am all for a more natural solution to drying laundry but I have been “around” other wool dryer balls and the scent of the them and the touch of them made me want to run off screaming into the night. I am not exaggerating here! I did want to give Wooly Rounds a chance though and Cyndi promptly sent me 6 wool dryer balls to try.

My husband went to get the mail from the post office and came back with a brown padded envelope and placed it on the kitchen counter. No scent…hurray. I stood back a bit and held the package as far as could (arms length) when I opened it…pause…sniff…NO SCENT…Woot..happy dance. I was SO EXCITED! It already had passed the “In rare cases might cause….” (LOL)

The next thing I had to get passed was the stigma my husband had. I had told him that I was going to receive some wool dryer balls in the mail. As a typical guy he immediately said,“There is no way I am going to have “sheep balls” rolling around with my fruit-of-the-looms.” (I told him I was going to write this in my blog post and he wanted me to add: “Not to be confused with Rocky Mountain Oysters”. Ok- TMI…but I had laugh but I didn’t know what Rocky Mountain Oysters were. If you don’t know what they are I will refer you to google it as I don’t want to get side-tracked with my post.) I took one of the balls and rubbed it on his face- he was convinced it wasn’t wool and commented on how soft it was- no scratchies!

The inaugural ball toss commenced. I put all 6 of them in the dryer with a load of sheets. Expecting to open the door and be knocked over by a scent. NOTHING..nada..zip. No scent, no static, and super soft sheets. The next few days I gave the “balls” a serious work-out. I was doing laundry round the clock because my 2yr old was very, very sick and was not keeping anything down. One word to describe them…simply AMAZING!

Here is a little information about Wooly Rounds (information taken from their facebook and website pages):

WOOLY ROUNDS are felted balls of wool made individually, by hand, using 100% wool from a historic mill in Maine. (my home state!)

Using several WOOLY ROUNDS in your clothes dryer helps circulate and separate the laundry while tumble drying. They will naturally soften clothes and help reduce drying time SAVING ENERGY AND MONEY!

Are Wooly Rounds wool dryer balls safe to use when drying cloth diapers?

Wooly Rounds are absolutely safe to use with cloth diapers and will not cause any issues! 🙂

How many do you need?

I highly recommend using at least 4 per dryer load. I actually prefer 6 as the drying time seemed shorter plus there was zero static when the clothes came out.

GREEN your laundry and SAVE MONEY! (Taken from a wall post on the Wooly Rounds FB page written by Cyndi.)

“I spent 5 days doing several dryer tests and found that the more WOOLY ROUNDS you use, the less time it took to dry a load of laundry. Using 3 balls reduced the time by ~10%, 6 balls reduced the time by ~18% and 8 balls reduced the time by ~20%. When drying a small to medium load, the time was reduced by even more, around 25-30%.”~Cyndi, Owner of Wooly Rounds

To conclude…I will no longer be purchasing “Free & Clear” fabric softener sheets. (eek..yes, Kelly Wels “used to” use fabric softener sheets-NOT anymore) I am in love with my new “sheep balls” (LOL)- aka Wooly Rounds!

To find out more about Wooly Rounds or to make a purchase please visit their website or facebook page.

From Kelly:

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5 Responses to Wooly Rounds Wool Dryer Balls Product Review

  1. Trisha W. says:

    Even though I currently use some Buddha Bunz wool dryer balls, I immediately thought you were making a Rocky Mountain Oysters joke when you referred to them as Sheep Balls. Too funny.

  2. Sheila says:

    Sheep balls BUAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!! TOO funny! I love it! I really want to get some of these.

  3. christine kangas says:

    I didn’t realize they could help eliminate static too… neat!

  4. Jennifer Nakamuro says:

    Do they make a lot of noise when they’re in the dryer?

  5. Emily B says:

    Thanks for the review. I bought some of these and have used them a few times, and they are GREAT!

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