Why Buy Lunapads When You’re Getting the Sposies for Free?

I started seriously “couponing” in 2004, and I like to say that I save money where I can, so I can spend it where I like. Nothing wrong with pulling your coupons out of the designer purse the coupons helped you buy. 😉

One of my top priorities is buying natural & organic food & personal care products for my kids, but I’ve had a hard time bringing myself to spend the money on things for myself. This includes feminine products, since I can hardly remember a time I didn’t get them free (or better than free!) after sales/coupons/store rewards.

So why do I want to buy the cow Lunapads when I’m getting the milk sposies for free?

Well first, I seem to have developed a sensitivity to disposable products, and I can’t live with the irritation! I also have concerns about the chemicals in disposables, and the health implications of having them pressed against my most sensitive parts 25% of the time. Sometimes the health impact is more important than the wallet impact!

Lunapads can last 5 years, and their unique pad/insert system makes the overall cost very manageable. Like cloth diapers, although the initial cost may be a shocker, they quickly “pay for themselves.” The cost of a Deluxe Kit over 5 years is less than $2.50 per month. With the economy the way it is, I have noticed the “deals” haven’t been as great or as plentiful as they were years ago, so I may even see a cost savings long term!

Since writing my Lunapads review, I’ve decided that Lunapads are worth the nibble from my budget.

Have you tried reusable feminine products?

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