Using Cloth Diapers In Hospitals

Your initial reaction might be “You have got to be kidding me…using cloth diapers in hospitals?”

With modern cloth diapers you can use cloth diapers right from birth! Many hospitals are now willing to let parents bring in cloth diapers to use as long as they will change their baby.

Be sure to check with your hospital to see if cloth diapers are allowed. If they aren’t you can advocate for yourself by doing the following:

  • Bring in samples of cloth diapers. I suggest bringing in an all-in-one style or pocket style diaper. The best place to do this is to bring the cloth diapers to one of your child birth education classes.
  • Let them know that you are willing (or your spouse or partner) to change all the diapers.
  • Ask a local cloth diaper retailer to see if they would be able to contact the hospital on your behalf. This might be an opportunity for a cloth diaper retailer to suggest offering a cloth diapering class as a part of (or separate) the childbirth education class(es).
  • Contact the Real Diaper Association for helpful tips. They also have advocacy pamph’ets available on their site that you can print from your home computer.
  • Visit the advocacy group called Cloth Diapers in Hospitals ( ) and on Facebook: for support on how you can advocate to use cloth diapers in hospitals.

If you used cloth diapers in the hospital when your baby was born please share your experience!

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Kelly Wels is a leading cloth diaper expert and advocate who has a passion for helping parents make informed decisions when it comes to how they diaper their babies. Most importantly, Kelly is a mom to three children, Olivia, Hanz and Riley. Kelly spends her free time working on several cloth diapering advocacy projects, including her new book “Changing Diapers: The Hip Mom’s Guide to Modern Cloth Diapering“, loves gardening, and consults with other entrepreneurs on their social media marketing efforts.
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11 Responses to Using Cloth Diapers In Hospitals

  1. Sarah J says:

    I used cloth diapers, wipes and mama cloth in the hospital. I tried to contact them ahead of time to find out their policy and no one ever got back to me. It was super easy and I had a 3 day stay! 🙂

  2. Laura Dunne says:

    I did not start CDing until my LO was a year old. But, I am a L&D nurse, and I now talk to parents about cloth diapering, I have gotten the Childbirth Educator to incorporate some basic CD knowledge at class, and if a parent wants to bring their CDs to the hospital, that is GREAT!!!

  3. Judi says:

    I took one with me but we didn’t use it. I didn’t really have a newborn stash (only 2 diapers). The other ones I had didn’t fit him until he was about 3 weeks old.

  4. Alice says:

    We used cloth diapers in the hospital! I just could not wait to get the fluff on little man’s butt. The nurse thought it was old fashion but my doctor uses cloth too so she thought it was great! We were only trapped for 24 hours though.

  5. Rebekah B says:

    This is a great idea… It is going to expose health care providers to the simplicity if cloth diapers. They will certainly be talking about the baby with the “cow print” diaper on. Great way to get the word out.

  6. mindy says:

    I had no idea that hospitals were opposed to cloth diapering. I only began cd my daughter when she was 10 months so I started late. I didn’t know it would be a big deal though…we changed her in the hospital anyways!

  7. Casey G says:

    I wish I would have come across this blog PRIOR to having my boys!! Next time, if there is one, LO will be born at home so I wont have to worry about it anyway =D

  8. Regina says:

    I did not cloth diaper until my little man was 2 months old. I was given a lot of disposable diapers at my shower, and I was still debating on what cloth system I wanted to delve into. I was brand new to cloth, but I was determined to reduce our expenses and waste. I love using cloth on my little one. I wish I had known more about cloth when my DD was born.

  9. Julie says:

    We did not use newborn cloth with our little guy – but he did have surgery at 6 months old. We were told by the hospital that it was ok to bring cloth, but they needed them to all be the same (stuffings/weight) so they could weigh them compared to a dry one for “output”. We did not have enough for our stay – and ended up using some sposies — however had a great discussion with our nurse (expecting twins) about cloth.

  10. leah says:

    I am a L&D nurse and CDing momma! I work in a hospital with “Baby Friendly” status, meaning baby doesnt leave parents room. In our hospital, the parents are the ones who change diapers. I love my cloth, but I was literally hearing voices and seeing bugs on the walls I was SO EXHAUSTED from labor and caring for my baby, I think one more thing would have been too much as a new mom. If you’re already an old pro at spraying poo off diapers or just using liners, I would go for using cloth during your hospital stay. But if this is new to you, just use the disposables the hospital provides until your body can heal and your a bit more rested. Breastfeeding is all first time moms should set themselves up to worry about from the beginning. Also, its super important to be able to tell when baby has wet and dirty diapers, and with some stay-dry diapers that could be tougher to tell, depending on the diaper. I could see cloth being a problem if there was concern about how well baby is nursing and the nurses are really checking for wet diapers. Also, if your going to circumcise your baby boy, depending on the circumcision method used, you wouldnt want to get vaseline and blood on your cloth or depend on a nurse who’s never seen a modern cloth diaper to get a cloth diaper and liner on properly right after a circ. Just some things to think about, those first few days need to be as easy as possible, even though cloth is “hard”.

  11. Elizabeth says:

    I was really lucky. The hospital my son was born at uses cloth diapers! It never even occurred to me that some places wouldn’t let you! I mean if the baby isn’t in the NICU then you are changing all the diapers anyway…

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