Alternative Uses for Your Cloth Diaper Sprayer

Is buying a diaper sprayer worth it? Here are just some of the alternative uses for your cloth diaper sprayer.This post contains affiliate links.

There are so many ways to cloth diaper and everyone has an opinion on what is a must-have accessory and what isn’t. For me, a cloth diaper sprayer is a must-have. Not only have I found my diaper sprayer to be a life saver during the toddler years, it still is even after potty training.

My son has been potty trained for several months now and we still have our diaper sprayer connected. Not only that, I don’t have any plans on disconnecting it anytime soon. During our years of cloth diapering, I have discovered that there are many other uses for our diaper sprayer other than just rinsing cloth diapers. In fact, I still use it several times a week.

So if you’ve been wondering whether or not the purchase of a diaper sprayer is worth it or are planning on disconnecting it after your child is potty trained, my answer is yes, it’s worth it and no, don’t disconnect it.

Here are just a few other uses for a cloth diaper sprayer:

  • Filling up the watering can
  • Washing out the litter box
  • Cleaning trash cans
  • Filling and rinsing a mop bucket
  • Rinsing muddy shoes
  • Cleaning kitty litter catcher mats
  • Spraying big spills off clothes
  • Rinsing out the tub
  • Filling a humidifier
  • Cleaning the sink
  • Cleaning the toilet
  • Rinsing cloth pads
  • Rinsing the baby potty
  • Cleaning pet carriers
  • Cleaning rubber mats
  • Rinsing dirty toys

Have you discovered any other alternative uses for your diaper sprayer?  

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