Try Cloth Diapers, Just Try Them!

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The cost of buying a whole stash of cloth diapers and the idea of washing them can seem really overwhelming. Whether it’s your style to dip your toe in the water or jump in the deep end, you owe it to yourself to at least try cloth diapers. Get an introduction to cloth diapers, maybe some tips for switching from disposables to cloth (if that applies to you) and then just do it.

I spent way too much time researching and worrying and second guessing myself and wasted a lot of money on disposable diapers.

Here are a few ways to get started with minimal cost:

Diaper Trials: Many retailers and cloth diaper manufacturers offer money back guarantees, low-cost trials and return policies on diapers, even if they have been used (read all the details and restrictions of course.)

Diaper Rentals: Cloth diaper rentals are often offered for newborn diapers and many offer basic and premium styles. This allows you to give them a try for minimal cost, and reduce how many of those pricey newborn disposables you buy in the meantime.

Diaper Service:: Is there a diaper service in your area? Typically diaper services offer prefolds & covers, but sometimes have other options. Trying a diaper service for a few weeks will allow you to experience cloth diapering without dealing with the washing. You generally provide & wash your own covers, but they are fairly inexpensive and very easy to wash.

Just Buy One: Just try one diaper! Every time you use it, you’ll be saving the cost of a disposable diaper. If you end up not liking cloth, sell it to recoup much of your investment (chances are, you’ll fall in love!) If you are using additive free detergent, you can just toss the diaper in with other laundry.

Win One: Manufacturers, retailers and bloggers often offer cloth diaper giveaways. Check the weekly Friday cloth diaper giveaway roundup at Change-Diapers to find many to enter!

You might be surprised how much you end up loving cloth diapers! What are you waiting for?

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Maria is a 30-something married mom of 3 kids, including a cloth diapered 3-year old. She began more than 5 years ago when she switched her middle child to cloth diapers, and had no idea she'd fall so in love with fluff!
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