Cloth Training Pants: A Month in Review

My son is potty-trained! Yay! (sob) I miss his diapers… but I have had so much fun with trainers! And I’ve tried lots. So let’s compare, shall we?

I used GroVia My Choice Trainers, Flip Trainers, Super Undies Pocket Potty Trainers, FuzziBunz Trickle Free Trainers, Blueberry Trainers, and EcoPosh Recycled Organic Trainers. I also used a couple of work-at-home mom trainers by Dippee Dypees.

GroVia: These trainers are really nice because of the pocket for stuffing. My son was a heavy wetter, and I was able to stuff these with a Flip Organic insert or 2 of the GroVia boosters and it held for him. The inside has hemp already sewn in. The benefit of the pocket is that the inserts will stay in place when you pull these up and down- that’s a huge bonus. The GroVias are narrow-cut like the GroVia diapers, but they’re a good fit on my 34-pound guy- although we needed the larger side panels to allow him to pull the trainers up and down. These also unsnap at the sides- and that is a NECESSITY when your little one is still having poo accidents, mmmmkay? It is NOT fun pulling down underwear with poo in them. *shuddering at memories* -Price: $18.99 each

Flip: These trainers are surprisingly not my favorites, which I wasn’t expecting since the Flip diapers are some of my favorites. These trainers work, but I was frustrated by the tiny inserts and there not being an option for stuffing any more absorbency anywhere that would allow the trainer to pull up and down without the inserts falling out. These run big- my son was wearing them on a smaller setting, and they are too big for my daughter who is 24 pounds and thin. They do have the side snaps, and they do have great inserts. I just wouldn’t say these are great for nights *IF* your little one gets up at night to go to the bathroom. If your little one sleeps through the night and you have these stuffed with more absorbency, they can work. They’re good for daytime use when little absorbency is needed.

Super Undies Pocket Potty: My son liked these. The pocket version is great, because they can be stuffed for nighttime use- I use a Flip Organic insert in these. I like the design, and they run big- but with a low-ish rise. My son wears a medium at the smallest setting. I love the snaps at the back of these… it keeps the trainer trim, but still has the access for those poo accidents. Oh-so-necessary. – Price: $19.95-$21.95

FuzziBunz: Honestly, I thought I would not like these. I saw them and kind of giggled at their apparent poofiness. But they ended up being one I really liked! The built-in absorbency isn’t the best, but you CAN lay more absorbency inside. Again, it won’t stay in place when the trainer is pulled up and down, but it works otherwise. I’m surprised that these didn’t leak when my son had small accidents. I used these for naps, and they were perfect. I used them for overnight when my son was still hit-and-miss at night. The “No Dumping” print was my son’s favorite. 😉 – Price: $13.95-$16.95 each

Blueberry: CUTE prints, and they look the most like underwear. My son loves the prints. These are good for daytime use, and they are trim under clothes. You don’t want to use these when you’re out and about if your little one isn’t well on the way to full-time training, because when your kid wets, everything gets wet. The benefit of these over regular underwear is that if your little one starts to pee, realizes it and stops, you won’t have puddles on the floor like you do with regular undies. My son is still loving his Blueberry trainers, even though he doesn’t need the absorbency anymore. These are DAYTIME trainers only, as the absorbency/waterproofness is not there. And these pull down… so if your little one poops in them, yeah… better just go take care of it in the bathtub. – Price $15.95 each

EcoPosh: These are super soft, and they look like underwear, too. They’re comparable to the Blueberry trainers in function, except they have more absorbency. They run larger than the Blueberry, too. I trusted these for naps when my son was hit-and-miss while sleeping short periods of time. I liked these, but again- DAYTIME trainers, since they are not waterproof. And you have the same poop-all-over-the-legs problem with these if your kid poops, because there’s no way to get them off but pulling them down! -Price: $15.95 each

Dippee Dypees: Custom-made trainers in cute PUL prints! I have to give Renee a shout-out, because these trainers were my son’s favorite prints (cars!) There’s a pull-up version and a snapping version, and I recommend the snapping. Why? Well, I think I’ve made that clear. 😉 The insides of these are natural fibers, and they’re a great fit, and made by a WAHM! These take longer than any of the other trainers to dry, but I love having the custom-made trainers and natural fibers! -Price: varies due to custom

Soooo, there you have it! My experiences with cloth trainers! Soon to be repeated with my daughter, if she ever catches on…. 😉

About Stacy

Stacy is a stay-at-home mom to four kids ranging in age from 1 to 8. She has been cloth-diapering for almost 3 years and is a self-proclaimed “diaper addict”. She loves trying new diapers and discussing all things diaper-related. She’s also striving to live more “greenly” in her home and loves finding new ways to do so.
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11 Responses to Cloth Training Pants: A Month in Review

  1. Sarah says:

    Oh THANKYOU! This is really helpful, been looking at all of those, but for now quickly decided we need snaps!

  2. Katy says:

    I am SO GLAD I found this post! My Godson’s mother is getting ready to potty train him and I’ve convinced her to use cloth :) Only problem is that my son is 7 months so I didn’t know anything about the trainers-I’m sending her this link now. Thanks so much!

  3. Rachel says:

    which ones would you recommend for nighttime with heavy wetters?

  4. Sara says:

    So I am JUST starting to think about this. Can I ask…how many training pants do you think a kid needs?

  5. Renee Fisher says:

    Stacey, thanks so much for the shoutout. I am so glad the that my trainers worked well for you :)

  6. Tiffany K. says:

    Thanks for the reviews! I’m thinking about starting training with my son, and didn’t know where to start. I like that you’ve tried so many brands vs. some reviews where it’s just on one brand.

  7. heather says:

    I really appreciate this review — as an about to train mom, I’m just not quite sure what route to take. I was leaning toward the pull up type, but your review of the snap kind has sparked my interest.

  8. NeKisha says:

    Thank you for all the trainer info. I have not used trainers with my children, but have always switched them from diapers to those padded underwear. They learn pretty quickly that way. I especially like the GroVia ones.

  9. Nicole H says:

    We use gerber ones, but I’m thinking about trying some of these!

  10. Sarah Jane says:

    Thanks! My daughter is 18 months old, and has not shown signs of being potty trained, but I’ll probably refer back to this list. I have bought from Dippee dypees before and I’ll have to remember your recommendation for her cloth trainers.

  11. Anna T. says:

    Great review! My youngest just started asking to use the potty so I am on the search for the best trainers. I have to admit though I am a little sad:(

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