“So Long” Newborn Diapers

As I closed the box and applied the shipping label with my friend’s address on it, I felt a twinge of sadness that I may never have another tiny, squishy baby to put in this itty-bitty fluff. But more than that, I felt excited to be sending my newborn cloth diapers along to my best friend.

She is expecting twins in May, and wants to cloth diaper for the first time. Baby #3 was a surprise, and when they found out that baby #3 was actually 3 and 4, the savings of cloth diapering was definitely attractive. Add that to my friend’s worsening chemical & fragrance sensitivities, and it was a no-brainer. I don’t think she’d be able to tolerate changing disposable diapers at this point. She doesn’t quite believe that she will need the newborn diapers, but I keep telling her that twins are probably not going to be as big as her girls were. She is used to skipping over the newborn clothing & diapers entirely! It feels really good to think about all the disposable diapers that aren’t/will not be in the landfill, as well as saving her family money.

I loved how tiny & trim the newborn diapers were, and my son was still able to fit in all of them when we stopped using them, but they just weren’t absorbent enough for us. I thought my older son was a heavy wetter but that’s nothing compared to this little guy. I continued to use the newborn diapers (and changed them constantly!) because my son’s legs were still too skinny for most one-size diapers to fit well.

Finally around 9 weeks and 9 1/2 lbs, we were able to get the Velcro closure bumGenius 4.0 diapers to fit without leg gap (with the Velcro all the way overlapped) along with a handful of others. There are a few with snap closures that I’m still not able to get snug around his legs, but I think a baby who is chubbier rather than long & lean would fit into one-size diapers much sooner. At 10 weeks, he can soak a one-size microfiber insert in 2 hours or less and we’re using Knickernappies Super-do inserts at night in anticipation of those rare 3-4 hour stretches of sleep!

I’m still using the mini one-size diapers (Happy Heinys, Blueberry and Tiny Tush) and I’ll send those along once they’re outgrown. I saved two diapers for my son’s keepsake box: the Rumparooz Lil Joey we put on him an hour or so after he was born, and the Grovia Newborn AIO in surf that he was wearing when we had professional photos taken by Dana Grayson Photography. I can’t help but think about pulling them out someday when he has his own babies, and wonder what cloth diapers will look like then!

If you used newborn cloth diapers, what did you do with them when you were finished with them? (Sell them? Pass them along? Pack them up?) Did you save a special diaper or the first one your baby wore?

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Maria is a 30-something married mom of 3 kids, including a cloth diapered 3-year old. She began Change-Diapers.com more than 5 years ago when she switched her middle child to cloth diapers, and had no idea she'd fall so in love with fluff!
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6 Responses to “So Long” Newborn Diapers

  1. Nikki C says:

    We didn’t start CD’ing our first until about 3 months, so we never went through the NB stash and then packing up. With our second we used cloth from the start. He was/is a little guy so some of out NB diapers (WAHM, totbots, etc) fit until about 6 months. He’s still around the first or second snap settings for our OS diapers. We packed up the NB diapers thinking we could use them if we ever thought about another, or sell if that idea never happened. Little did we know, we’d be unpacking them much sooner than planned. Our newest addition is expected in May. We broke out all the NB diapers from DS #2 and added plenty others. We’re excited.

  2. Emily says:

    When I used cloth on my now three month old son, I mainly used prefolds and some awful fitteds that were lent to me, along with one custom WAHM Christmas cover (BC Fleecy) and Thirsties XS covers. I am still enamored with the versatility of a prefold, and will often trifold one of the newborn prefolds into a Best Bottom cover. My son was 9 lbs at birth, so sadly he didn’t fit into his Thirsties very long. I adored those covers but sold them off. He fit into his OS Fuzzibunz and Best Bottoms immediately. Next baby, I plan to use prefolds and maybe Thirsties Duo Wraps or have the WAHM I mentioned make me some custom covers! I kept her Christmas diaper because it is darling. My son is the last baby pictured on this page:

  3. I didn’t actually save any of the diapers that I used on my daughter but I do still have one of her diaper pins from 24 years ago. I am now currently pregnant with my second child, yes, 24 years later and am planning to use cloth diapers but I think they will be easier as pins aren’t necessarily needed. :)

  4. I know how you feel! I did the same thing with all of my newborn diapers. So far they are on their 4th baby… I cna’t believe how old Ev is that his diapers have helped 3 other babies do cloth!

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