Ones & Twos All-in-One Cloth Diaper Product Review

What Cloth Diaper is Budget Friendly, Easy and Works?

There are many cloth diapers that fall into one or even two of these categories. But, all three is a great find.

Of course, it’s important to remember that these categories are highly subjective.

I’m looking at it from the angle of a brand new cloth diaper parent. (new parent comments italicized)

All I’ve ever used before is a snap-on/snap-off disposable diaper.  Give me something just as easy but saves me money.

Ones & Twos All-in-One (AIO) is your solution.

Is it really budget friendly?

At $16.95 each, this one-sized cloth diaper will fit your child from about 12ish lbs to 35ish lbs (very exact range 😉 )

If you purchase 20 of them that would cost you $339.  I haven’t purchased disposable diapers in a very long time but on Amazon the cheapest ones were $0.17/each. $339 buys you (at 10 diapers a day) 199 days of diapers.  I don’t know many babies that are out of diapers before 730 days- that’s 2 years.

20 Ones & Twos AIO cloth diapers can be used for years.  Sure, you’ll have the occasional worn out velcro, exhausted microfiber or busted elastic but even if you had to purchase another 20 after a year you’d still save HUNDREDS!

And in case you are following my $0.17 scenario… 40 Ones & Twos x $16.95 = $678.  Divide that by $0.17 and that gets you 3998 disposable diapers.  Sounds like a lot, right?

Divide that by 10/day and now you have enough diapers for 400 days. Your investment of 40 Ones & Twos (that’s a lot of cloth diapers) pays off when your baby is 13 months old.

Are Ones & Twos AIOs really that easy?

Can you put on a disposable diaper without effort?  Then you can put on a Ones & Twos without effort.  Unlike disposable diapers, the velcro closure is ridiculously strong.  No Houdini baby is getting these off.

But, what about after it’s soiled?  Surely it’s not as easy at that point.

Good question.  Actually it is almost as easy and completely guilt free.

Instead of tossing it in the trash can (here’s where the guilt would normally creep in) you toss it in a wetbag or pail (small trash can with lid) until laundry day.

No unstuffing required like you would have with pocket cloth diapers!

Wait.  What about poop?

If you are using disposable diapers you may never have properly disposed of the poop.  All poop, whether in a disposable or cloth diaper, should be flushed in the toilet.

With the Ones & Twos, if you use the lay in doubler dumping poop is a cinch.  Here’s what I do.  Take the soiled diaper to the toilet.  Hold the shell in my left hand, take the doubler and dunk it in the toilet (I’m not looking for perfection, just get the big stuff off), then move the shell over the toilet and lay the doubler inside.

Nothing is dripping, I didn’t have to get my hands dirty and most of the poop is rinsed off.

So, Ones & Twos will save me money and they are easy to use, but do they work?  I don’t want pee all over me.

Me neither!  I hate diaper leaks.  And honestly, I had more blowouts with disposables on my first child than I have with cloth diapers on my next 4 children!

As far as pee goes, if you make sure and change your baby every 2-3 hours and ensure that the rise is set comfortably for your child then you shouldn’t have any leaks.  Remember, disposable diapers contain a very unhealthy super absorbing gel that holds a ton of moisture for hours (and hours) of use.

There is a slight adjustment in thinking needed when you go from using disposable diapers to cloth diapers.  You won’t be able to feel the bottom for a soggy feeling.  As a matter of fact, sometimes when you change a cloth diaper you may think it isn’t very wet if you were to feel from the outside and gently touch the staydry liner.

This is great for baby but without any harmful chemicals next to their precious skin.

Ones & Twos AIO cloth diapers do have a pocket available to you if you decide to add a hemp doubler or two.  Hemp will absorb a lot of urine, while still being trim, allowing your baby to wear the same diaper for long car rides or possibly overnight.

Besides saving you money, providing a healthy yet equally easy and functional diapering option Ones & Twos are way cuter than disposable diapers.  Bright fun color choices add a cheerful pop to baby’s wardrobe…because we all know how important this is 😉

I hope you’ll give Ones & Twos a try!

About All About Cloth Diapers

Jennifer is a 33 year old SAHM to one beautiful little girl named Sophia. She closed her business, Curves, when she found out she was pregnant so she could stay home with her. Jennifer fell in love with cloth diapers even before Sophia was born and searches for ways every day to share the love!
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5 Responses to Ones & Twos All-in-One Cloth Diaper Product Review

  1. GWENDOLYN T says:

    You forgot to include the wasted diapers from baby peeing during a change. Before we switched to cloth I remember saying to daddy that he was throwing away quarters. With cloth diapers and wipes I don’t mind the accidents or extra wipes.

  2. Colleen says:

    I would love to try one. I will if I win (or maybe if I don’t win – I have this thing for trying cloth diapers!).

  3. Brittany H says:

    These diapers are so so cute. I love the fit and how trim looking they are. I hope someday they make them in snaps, but if you say the velcro is super strong I believe you! I love velcro for the ease factor. Would love to try these!

  4. christine kangas says:

    are these fitting roughly the same as the fuzzibunz

  5. Shakeeta W says:

    I’ve seen these diapers in cropping up in several places and wasn’t sure if I wanted to use them but I think I’ll give them a try after reading your review 🙂

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