Prepping Used Cloth Diapers for Newborns

One of the things that I love about cloth diapering is that there really isn’t one right way to do it.

Prepping Cloth Diapers for NewbornsI recently had a friend tell me that she is due with baby number four pretty soon, and she has purchased all previously love diapers for the new little baby.  She was wondering what she should do to to prep the cloth diapers before her baby is born so that she can start using them immediately after birth.

My initial answer was to simply wash them in hot water, or do a simple strip, but then another friend chimed in stating that she would add a drop or two of tea tree oil to help kill anything that might be in the diapers.

So we decided to ask more people, and it was really cool to see that there are so many options from which to choose.


A friend suggested that she just wash the diapers and put them out in the sun to disinfect them!

Tub Stripping

One person said that she would strip using her method of adding a squirt of blue Dawn in bathtub of hot water while agitating the diapers around in the tub adding more hot water.  After draining the tub, she then wrings out the diapers and throws them in the wash.

Washer Stripping

Several people suggested that they strip by adding diapers to the washing machine on hot with no soap or detergent.  She checks, during the rinse cycle to see if there is murky or sudsy water, and then repeats until it’s all clear.

Although, you occasionally run across controversial and unconventional ways to clean cloth diapers, and strip them, from time to time, if you’ve already purchased used diapers, and they’re no longer under warranty, you’re really at liberty to clean them however you choose.

Just remember, with prepping used diapers for your newborn or your older baby, the main goal is to make sure that they rinse clear, and that you do what you can to kill or rid the diapers of any bacteria or buildup that may have come from the previous owner!

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