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Hi there, Kelly Wels readers! My name is Kristina and I write at Our Little Lentil. I started the blog in May 2010 to chronicle my pregnancy, my love letters to my daughter Adelaide, and my bump pictures. Now I write about our little family and our daily lives.

My husband Kevin and I are strong supporters of attachment parenting. Honestly it’s just what feels right, whether or not you put a name to it. I went through my whole pregnancy doing whatever I could to stay healthy (eating right, working out, forgoing all medicine – even though I had MAJOR heartburn and headaches) and spent my months preparing myself for my labor. I listened to my body and my baby within, and by doing so took the first step with attachment parenting. I went through a 32-hour natural, medication-free birth at a local birth center with a midwife, and in doing so, gave my daughter the BEST start to life I could! And now we breastfeed (which is AMAZING), cloth diaper (love a fluffy butt!), share a family bed (literally nothing sweeter than my baby curling into me), and babywear (keep my baby close AND be able to hike/type/do the dishes/sweep/rejoice in a content baby? Yes please!)… All things that come naturally to us.

We’re an outdoor-loving, animal-adoring, drumming, vegetarian family, and we’re loving sharing this life with Adelaide! She already has an affinity for nature, water, and our cats, and as of her 6-month birthday – lots of fruits and veggies! She’s goofy like her dad, and sensitive like her mama. She has the most amazing giggle, loves to “read(aka chew the heck out of books), and is definitely a people-person. She talks all. the. time. (like her mama) and is right on the edge of crawling!

I am also an elementary art teacher going back to work in October, so soon I will be writing about that too! I’ve been fortunate enough to be home with Adelaide this long, and she’ll be 9 months when she starts daycare. I know my life is about to turn into a crazy busy whirlwind, but financially it’s a necessity. My goal is to figure out how to keep enjoying my job, but make the moments really COUNT when it comes to spending time with Adelaide.

I hope you take some time out of your day and stop by my blog! I would love to have you!


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