Making the transition from part-time to full-time cloth diapering!

Transitioning to Full Time Cloth Diapering

When I first started to cloth diaper my son I made a deal with myself that I would try it full time cloth picpart time first as a “trial” to see if it would work for our family. I then determined that if it was successful that I would begin to make the transition to full time cloth diapering. Moms and dads cloth diaper part time for many different reasons, some of which may include:

  • Don’t have enough cloth diapers in your stash
  • Work full time or part time and your daycare does not use cloth diapers
  • Don’t use cloth diapers at night because you are nervous they will leak
  • Anxiety that it might be too overwhelming to do full time cloth diapering around the clock

Whatever your reason may be for part time cloth diapering, I challenge you, if you are up for it and desire to cloth diaper full time to make some steps towards it. I would like to list some suggestions based on the reasons listed above to help you reach your goal of full time cloth diapering.

If you don’t have enough cloth diapers in your stash, don’t fret! I was in the same situation too. I started entering as many giveaways as I could find. You will find a weekly giveaway on the Kelly Wels site to start. While giveaways do take time, they were well worth it for me. I have won over 20 cloth diapers to help complete my stash and to allow me to cloth diaper full time!

If working part time or full time gets in your way from full time cloth diapering, why not begin the process of researching cloth diapering in Daycare. Research your state’s health laws and come up with a proposal to introduce cloth diapers to your provider. I have a friend who did this and now the daycare uses cloth diapers for her children. Please be patient with your provider and be open for answering any questions that they may have.

If you are nervous about using cloth diapers at night because you fear they will leak, you have a lot of other people who are in the same boat as yourself. Nighttime cloth diapering can be frustrating especially if your little one wakes up screaming in the middle of the night because they have soaked through their diaper. Sometimes night diapering is a trial and error process. I would suggest researching all the great cloth diaper resources that are available online. For us, bamboo fitteds with a fleece or waterproof cover seem to work the best.

Finally, if you think that the transition from part time to full time cloth diapering will be too stressful, why not try to make the shift gradual, and go at your own pace. I often find that if I do things when someone is pushing me to, it does not tend to end as well as if I were to do it on my own time. Take it one diaper at a time.

You may not currently be in a situation conducive to cloth diapering full time and that is totally ok. Cloth diapering part time is still a great way to save money and benefit from the healthful effects they have to offer!

julie-m-bio-thumbBio: Julie is a semi-stay-at-home mom to her handsome son J.T. and wife to hubby Jered who is a teacher and pastor. J.T. provided her motivation to start Cloth Diapering! Not wanting to expose his little bum to all those chemicals in disposables and not returning to work full time, she was looking for a safe and inexpensive alternative. Cloth Diapering were her answer! Julie considers herself an advocate for cloth diapers and with her blog, My Cloth Diaper Stash, she hopes to share her passion and help others reap the benefits too.

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Kelly Wels is a leading cloth diaper expert and advocate who has a passion for helping parents make informed decisions when it comes to how they diaper their babies. Most importantly, Kelly is a mom to three children, Olivia, Hanz and Riley. Kelly spends her free time working on several cloth diapering advocacy projects, including her new book “Changing Diapers: The Hip Mom’s Guide to Modern Cloth Diapering“, loves gardening, and consults with other entrepreneurs on their social media marketing efforts.
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