Less Diaper Rash Using Cloth Diapers

There are many benefits to using a cloth diapering system, and not having to see your baby suffer frequent diaper rash is one of them.

Although disposable diapers are still used widespread around the world, cloth diapers are becoming increasingly more popular. Many who aren’t accustom to using cloth diapers do not know the many health benefits they can enjoy from continued use.

Disposable diapers are made from polyethylene and other plastics. Disposable diapers also contain glues, dyes, synthetic perfumes and many harsh chemicals (including sodium polyacrylate) that absorbs urine and holds it near your baby’s skin. Disposable diapers can cause your baby irritation, diaper rash and even thrush (yeast infection) which can coincide with diaper rash. Many babies can be so sensitive to the plastics in disposable diapers that they break out in just a few hours.

A safe alternative to disposable diapers are to use reusable cloth  diapers made with hemp. Cotton, bamboo and hemp diapers are all cloth diapers made from all natural materials. Even though it can be expensive to begin a cloth diaper system, they pay for themselves over time. By reusing your cloth diapers you eliminate having to set aside money for diapers in your weekly budget and you can save up to $2500 versus using disposables over the course of diapering your baby. There is no need to run to the store at odd hours when you realize you have forgotten to purchase diapers. And best of all, when you use cloth diapers you can relieve your baby’s suffering of so many health issues generally caused by disposable diapers.

Every parent wants there baby to be healthy and happy, but frequent diaper rash and even thrush caused by a diaper rash can leave babies irritable and suffering from soreness and pain. Thrush that coincides with diaper rash can be a sign of yeast overgrowth in your baby’s system. These and other aliments are caused when your baby does not get enough air to damp skin.

Cloth diapers diapers made with hemp naturally are anti-microbial.   Many pocket-style diapers have absorbent hemp inserts that slide into a pocket sewn into the diaper. Hemp inserts hold 10 times more fluid than micro-fiber inserts and are not as prone to “the stinkies” like micro-fiber products can hold onto.

In the end, one of the most effective ways to prevent diaper rash and bacteria growth is to change your baby’s diaper frequently-whether they are in cloth or disposable.

Examples of cloth diapers that include hemp inserts or are made with some hemp material are: BabyKicks Organic Cotton/Hemp One-Size Cloth Diaper, Kissaluvs Organic Cotton/Hemp Fitted Cloth Diaper, Crickett’s Hemp/Cotton Blend Fitted Cloth Diaper, FuzziBunz One-Size Hemp Cloth Diaper, Little Beetle Hemp Original Fitted Cloth Diaper, and Hemp Babies Organic Cotton/Hemp Prefold and Flat Cloth Diapers.

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