Lambie Love Wool Soaker Product Review

Once upon a time, I used wool for two babies for a year… full-time.  I used wool covers, wool shorties, wool longies.  I used interlock wool, recycled wool, knit and crocheted wool.  I know wool.

I received my Lambie Love wool soaker in the mail, and when I opened the package- even before taking the wool out- I loved it.  It smelled so nice!  Oh, how I adore wool that comes washed and ready to use!!!  <3

Well, I took the wool out and petted it.  Oh, the softness.  And this recycled wool has one of my required features- interlock waist/legs!  It also has the reinforced wet zone I look for.  AND, she hand-dyes the interlock to match the wool.  Interlock is soft and stretchy, and creates a great fit around the legs and the waist.  My daughter is now 27 pounds, and the medium fits her perfectly- and I tried it over her bulky trainer.  The soaker is soft all around- no rough-sewn edges at the legs or waist to cause irritation.

Heather, the owner and creator of Lambie Love, makes the wool cloth diaper covers out of repurposed/upcycled wool or cashmere sweaters and soft wool interlock. She discovered wool while in search of a nighttime solution for my heavy wetter and have been in love ever since.

You can find Lambie Love on Etsy and also on Facebook.  She has wool soakers, wool wraps, shorties, and longies available in her store.  If you wub wool, you need to check these out!

About Stacy

Stacy is a stay-at-home mom to four kids ranging in age from 1 to 8. She has been cloth-diapering for almost 3 years and is a self-proclaimed “diaper addict”. She loves trying new diapers and discussing all things diaper-related. She’s also striving to live more “greenly” in her home and loves finding new ways to do so.
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6 Responses to Lambie Love Wool Soaker Product Review

  1. Heather says:


    Thank you for your lovely review! Glad to hear you wub wool as much as we do! :)


  2. We’re expecting our first baby in June and I’ve bought my first wool soaker and wrap from Lambie Love. Looking forward to testing them out on baby!! :-)

  3. I have always wanted to try wool, but the price has always held me back. I’ve heard such great things about it, however, that I am determined to get at least one wool cover to at least try on the next little one, if not my first!

  4. Alexis D says:

    Thank you for the review! Heather, the owner, is awesome to communicate with and loves to do customs! She made a custom wool/cotton changing pad for me and can’t wait to receive it some time soon!!! I’ll be trying out her wool soakers once baby #2 arrives in late August.

  5. beth carbone says:

    i have been wanting to try wool out for a while and even went to a class on ‘knitting your own wool diapers’ when i was still pregnant (ha~ i do get to sit still on occasion these days, but can’t imagine trying to learn to knit at this point! maybe someday!!) and these look so soft and wonderful!!

  6. Tanis says:

    I love wool! I can’t wait to try a wool cover…thanks for your review!

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