Video Series: Dads and Cloth Diapers

In this video, Cloth Diaper Ambassador Tara of Padded Tush Stats, interviews Dads on what they think about cloth diapering their babies. A very light-hearted and entertaining video!

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About Padded Tush Stats

Tara is the owner of Padded Tush Stats, a cloth diaper website that provides reviews of diapers based on survey responses completed by owners of cloth diapers. Reviews sort statistics by how different diapers work for different baby types (chunky baby, heavy wetter, skinny baby, etc.) and on the functionality of the diaper (fit, absorbency, etc.). She is also the owner of the Cloth Diaper Retailer Database, where you can search for a cloth diaper brand you are looking for and see what retailers carry the diaper and compare shipping, reward programs, location, and more.
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