How to Cloth Diaper at Disney

How to Cloth Diaper at Disney

Planning a trip to Disney World with your baby?  Do you travel with cloth diapers or take disposables along?  I’m going to give you some pointers for how to take cloth diapers with you while you’re away!

How to Cloth Diaper @ Disney:

When my little one was still in diapers we decided to brave the theme parks with a baby in cloth diapers.  I remember panicking about how we were going to make this work without having to go out and buy disposables.  We decided to invest in a small pack of disposable inserts for daytime and used the regular cloth inserts for nights.  There are many factors to consider and think about when planning your trip.

How long are you going to be gone?  The longer you are gone the more frequent you will have to wash your diapers.

Where will you be staying?  Timeshares, condos, and rental houses are convenient because many of them have washing machines in your unit.  This is the ideal situation when traveling and will feel most like home.  If you are staying at a hotel check to see if they have public laundry facilities.

What if your hotel or unit doesn’t have laundry facilities?  There are a few options including disposable inserts, flat cloth diapers, and nearby paid laundromats.

What to pack for your trip?  Wet bags are essential for the day (and in the room).  Covers with inserts are an easy way to pack and many covers may be hand washed between wears.  This will allow you to pack less if space is limited.  Wipes? Will you continue to use cloth wipes or use disposable wipes for the trip?  A small easy to carry diaper bag or tote for the day.  Don’t forget the detergent!  Keep it as simple as possible because you’ll be walking around the park for hours at a time.

Tips for diapering at the parks.  

  • Each park (with the exception of the water parks) have one Baby Care Center centrally located and ready for your family.  The entire family is welcome inside the Baby Care Centers.  The centers have private nursing rooms with rocking chairs (sorry no dads allowed), feeding areas with high chairs, one-site shopping (disposables, wipes, food, etc), and a large diaper changing area.  The diaper changing area has several changing tables (not just the one’s on the wall – real changing tables with padded tops) and TVs for the little one’s to watch their favorite Disney cartoons.  The Baby Care Centers even have microwaves, sinks, and ovens to prepare food and milk for your baby.
  • Regular bathrooms – including the men’s, women’s and the companion rooms all have diaper changing areas as well.  Bring a changing pad or blanket since they are all hard (easy to clean) surfaces.
  • Decide if you’re going to spend the entire day at the park or if you plan on taking a nap in your room before returning to the park.  Even with one day (non-park hopper) tickets you can reenter anytime you like that day.  Taking short breaks to return to the car or room will allow you to carry less (diapers, dirty diapers, wipes, food) with you during the day.
  • What about the poopy diapers?  If you think your little one has left you a BIG present you may do best at the companion bathrooms.  They are like large handicapped rooms with sinks and changing tables right there.  No need to worry about people looking on as you dispose of the poop (in the toilet) before tucking it away inside your wet bag.  If you are really worried about your wet bag not containing everything bring along small plastic bags for the dirties then place them in the wet bags.  Most wet bags will contain both the smell and any moisture so you don’t have to worry about a lingering smell following you in the park.

On our first trip to Disney (with cloth diapers) we packed the disposable Flip and GroVia inserts and covers.  After using pocket diapers consistently at home I was frustrated by the disposable inserts and after about 2 diaper changes switched back to our pocket diapers.  It was just easier to manage the diapering system we were familiar with at home. We didn’t end up using the disposable inserts again the rest of the trip.  We were lucky enough (that trip) to only be staying for 3 days so we didn’t even wash diapers.  Since we drove we took our dirties home with us and washed them there.  On another trip we had a washing machine in our condo and it was the best experience we had with cloth diapers and traveling.  If you plan on flying I would definitely consider washing your diapers before you went home.  

Aside from the options listed above there are a few more options for cloth diapering while at Disney.

  • You could hand wash flats and covers in the sink or tub.  Flats tend to dry within a few hours (or overnight) and covers can be wiped/rinsed clean between uses.  For more information on hand washing and flats check out my post How to Hand Wash Cloth Diapers.  You’ll have to modify it slightly depending on the supplies you have on hand while traveling.
  • Perhaps a less stressful option would be to find a local cloth diaper service that offers rentals for vacationers.  An ideal service would drop off a bag of clean diapers at your hotel for you upon arrival.  You will most likely have to bring covers and a few accessories.  You’ll have to check with the services to find out exactly what they would offer for you.  I found Eco-Diaper Service listed by the Real Diaper Industry Association that serves the Greater Orlando area; including Disney World.

Whatever option you choose I hope that you and your family enjoy your trip to Disney World – the most magical place on Earth!

For more tips on traveling to Disney with kids read my post The Pros and Cons of Strollers at Disney.


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