Geffen Baby Jersey Prefold Cloth Diaper Review

I like natural diapering options for my little ones, so I had to say yes when Maria at Geffen Baby asked if I wanted to try one of their jersey prefolds. We received a size medium/large (6 to 12 months) which is made with 4 layers of an ultra soft combed organic hemp (60%)/cotton (40%) blend that feels like a much-loved tee shirt. As you might already know, hemp is an ideal diapering fabric because it’s super thirsty and also naturally anti-microbial. Even better, Geffen prefolds are made right here in the USA.

After receiving our Geffen prefold, I prepped it by washing three times in hot to remove the natural oils from the fabric. It measured about 15.5 x 18 before washing and 13 x 16.5 after. I trifolded it in a Flip cover and put on Susanna for her nap time. It fit very nicely and was just as trim as a Flip organic.

It was good and soaked when she woke up, but held all the wetness in. Laundering was pretty straightforward, and I noticed that like some of the other hemp inserts in our stash it took about 1.5 cycles in the dryer. This is expected with a dense fabric like hemp, but I was thinking I could save some energy by hanging it to dry next time for that extra “half cycle.” That way, it would be almost dry, plus nicely fluffed to keep it soft.

Our prefold has stayed very soft after multiple washings and dryings. Hemp can be stiff and a bit crunchy. But not this jersey fabric; I would say it’s almost softer and smoother than a regular cotton prefold.

If you are one of those mothers who is looking for a night time cloth diaper then I would recommend these Geffen prefolds without any hesitation. After trying it first during nap time, I trifolded it in a cover overnight with one microfiber insert under it. Complete success! Everything stayed inside until morning. I even let my heavy-wetting toddler, Samuel, give it a whirl. The Geffen prefold worked for him, too, which makes me really want to buy a few of the extra-large (toddler) sized prefolds. You can use any type of doubler with a Geffen prefold; their line of Absorbers is very popular.

You buy Geffen prefolds just like you would standard diapers – sizes range from newborn (orange stitching) to small (green stitching) to medium/large (lavender stitching) to extra large (navy stitching). They are priced from $5.52 to $8.52 each. And like any prefold, the options for Geffen prefolds are many – trifold and lay in a cover or AI2 shell, secure with a fastener (pin, Boingo, Snappi) or stuff in a pocket diaper.

The smooth jersey fabric works “ok” with a Snappi fastener, but it didn’t grip as much as I would like so we just trifolded.

You might ask, “why pay $5 or more just for one prefold?” Well, the answer is simple. Cotton prefolds are cheaper, but they just aren’t as absorbent. I don’t know about you, but one prefold by itself won’t get my babies through a long nap like the Geffen does. Sure, you probably won’t be making an entire stash of these, but having a few on hand for naps and overnight makes lots of sense to me. Even having just 3 to use for 3 consecutive nights would be great, especially since most of us wash every two or three days.

Other great natural diapering products you can find at Geffen Baby: beautiful hemp hersey flats and fleece prefolds, highly absorbent Universal inserts (that you can use in lots of systems like Fuzzibunz, Thirsties, Bummis, etc.), hemp and cotton wipes and nursing pads with a stay-dry layer of fleece. And coming very …..fitted diapers!

Click here to visit the Geffen Baby store to see all their wonderful products. You can also get $1.00 off for every friend you refer to Geffen Baby (they just need to mention your name at checkout).

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    I just tried these and love them so far!

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