Fluffy High: Can cloth diapers relate to real life social structures?

Fluffy High: Class is in session!

FluffyHigh.BertAnderson.KellyWels.11313I think that almost all situations in life can be related to high school, well, at least the high school that I went to with the graduating class of 2001! Maybe I have too much time on my hands? Or maybe when I can find a time when my four year old son isn’t chattering away the thoughts that I can finally hear start bubbling out? For whatever the reason, I think I came up with this concept in the shower. I bet you can relate; the majority of my great thoughts, okay my creative ones, happen in the shower.

That being said come along with me to a little place I like to call Fluffy High where the cool kids are still the jocks and trendsetters, the brainiacs still dominate in National Honor Society and the teachers are all old school cool!

Prefolds.BertAnderson.KellyWels.11313The Faculty – A school couldn’t be a school without the teachers and in our Fluffy High the teachers, the ones bestowing their wisdom to the students they teach. Naturally our beloved Prefolds are the wise old sages in our high school. Keeping everyone in line, learning how to be the best cloth diapers they can.

AIOs.BertAnderson.KellyWels.11313The Smart Kids – It’s the go-to diaper for daycares and daddies and the diaper that’s user-friendly and really requires minimal work. What is it? It’s the All-in-One (AIO)! No stuffing, pinning or Snappi-ing, or covering required with this diaper. It boasts high SAT scores because it makes your life easy. It’s the smart cloth diaper naturally and with limited work required they’re the kids who can ace a test with minimal studying.

PocketDiapers.BertAnderson.KellyWels.11313The Athletes – Much like their smarty pants classmates, the Pocket Diapers, are daddy and daycare friendly. Why are they more athletic than the AIOs? Simple, because they can hold their own by add more strength into their pocket. There’s only so much you can snap into an AIO or lay on top of an AIO. A Pocket, however, can always be stuffed more and with virtually anything absorbent. Like an athlete who needs to train for Friday night’s big game you need to stuff your Pockets in order for them to work making them the quintessential athlete in our Fluffy High.

Fitteds.BertAnderson.KellyWels.11313Team Trendy – Most newcomers to cloth, okay I’ll speak for myself here. When I was new to cloth Fitted diapers scared the crap out of me. I couldn’t understand why they were called “fitted” or how they worked. Having to use a cover was out of my realm of comfort so I steered clear of Fitteds. One thing was certain though, Fitteds, in my opinion were the prettiest of the cloth diapers which is why I chose them for Team Trendy. A little uncomfortable for those of us new to cloth or even some old pros, no one can deny how pretty those Fitteds are and how difficult it is to see them covered by a diaper cover.

Call it silly but I think it’s fun and whoever said you can’t relate cloth diapers to almost anything in life probably also says you can’t relate the TV show FRIENDS to everything in life. Of course, we all know that’s not true since almost anything in real life can relate back to FRIENDS.

What do you think? Which group do you fit into at Fluffy High? I’m a Smart Kid with dabbles into Team Trendy!

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Elizabeth AKA "Bert" Anderson is a married stay-at-home mom of two residing in the Twin Cities. She started using cloth diapers in 2009 as a first time mom. Don't be too impressed by her ambition, her husband told her they were doing it to save money. After a few weeks of using cloth diapers she fell in love and wants to tell anyone she meets that if she can do it ANYONE can do it! Bert loves to write about cloth diapers, being a mom, and her recently acquired healthy lifestyle on her blog First Time Mom. After all, there's a first time for everything!
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