Flip Training Pants Product Review

The "perfect" fit for Riley!

A few weeks ago Jenn Labit launched the news of the new Flip One-Size Training Pant along with the new bumGenius Free-time AIO and new color palette. I immediately placed my order for the Flip Trainers (as well as “Albert” Free-time AIO, 2-“Genius” ceramic coffee mugs, and 1-“Genius” T-shirt).

My new "fluffy" package arrived on Halloween. What a treat...plus in the orange "sassy" color too!

On Monday my Flip Trainer came…I ordered the new color “Sassy”- and let me tell you it is ssssassssyyy! It is an unique orange-red (and orange is my FAVORITE color). The Flip Trainer Pants currently come in a kit with 1-trainer and 5-organic cotton inserts (essentially 5 changes). It was 4pm when I opened the package and I quickly threw the inserts in the wash to prep them (well sort of- I only prepped them once)

"Does this diaper make my butt look big?"- This is the fit with 3 inserts and un-snapped.

Once they came out of the dryer it was time to get Riley (my 3 year old) to bed. Now Riley is fully trained during the day (well except on Halloween when he had an accident at nap-time at pre-school and got his costume soaked!LOL) Essentially I am really not going to be using the Flip Trainer as a trainer per-say; I am just going to use during the night-time. In my excitement I didn’t even read the weight range of the snap-rise settings. I just “assumed” Riley was going to be a the biggest rise (nothing snapped). I also “thought” that I better put in 3 inserts just because Riley super soaks at night.

Now granted, it is Halloween my fluffy friends, and I am trying this on my 3 year old toddler who is wound up on m&m’s, reese’s peanut butter cups, and bat-shaped cookies. I was chasing him around my 3000+ square foot farm house begging him to get the trainer on- he thought it was “funny” and kept saying- “You can’t get me!”

The Flip Training Pant System comes with 1-cover & 5-organic cotton inserts.

Ok Riley ( I said to myself )- I am going to get this trainer on you and then I have to get pictures of you.” Now I am not a good photographer at all. I leave that to my daughter, Olivia May, who is amazing at it…but she was not feeling well and was in her bedroom. I finally got Riley down and fastened the trainer to him. I had to re-adjust the side panels to the tighter snap setting (oh yes- that is the best feature of the trainer- you can completely take off the side panels for easy changes and for those you that are oh so hip in the fashion dept- you can change out the panels with different colored ones)

A close-up with the completely detachable side panels.

Riley stood up and seriously it was “Does this diaper make my butt look big”. “Kelly (I said to myself) you really need to re-adjust-you should have known better.” After I was able to get a picture of Riley (yeah- he cooperated) I layed him back down on the floor. I took one of the inserts out and left 1-Flip organic cotton insert and below that was a Smartipants micro-terry insert. I also snapped the rise down to the middle setting. That was it- a perfect fit and SUPER TRIM.

Now the true test…night-time. I have to admit I was worried that he would leak through but absolutely NO LEAKS. I tried the system again last night and again he woke up DRY.

So many of you are asking- why do they only come with organic cotton inserts? My answer is the system was designed that way so your baby/toddler would know that they are yet. But…you want to know a secret.. you don’t have to use the Flip organic cotton inserts inside. You can use a Flip Stay-Dry Insert, a Thirsties Duo Hemp Prefold, flat diapers, and even Flip disposable inserts if you are traveling. Like I have said in my book– “there is no right or wrong way to diaper your baby!” For day-time use the Flip organic cotton insert, in my opinion, is sufficient. For night-time use I do recommend doubling up. I used the Flip organic cotton insert on top and a standard micro-terry insert on the bottom. (Remember- when using micro-terry inserts NEVER put next to the skin- it can wick so much moisture away from the skin that it can chap baby’s skin.)

So I have given a “glowing fluffy review” of the new Flip trainer pants…you might be asking what do I think could be improved on?

  • I would offer the Flip Trainer in just the cover only. Many people might want to use their own cotton or hemp prefolds or other inserts inside the trainer. This could bring the pricing down which could increase the “availability” of the product in a lower price point.
  • I would slightly widen the Flip organic cotton insert. After 2 washes it did shrink up a bit.

I would also highly recommend using this training pant system as a regular cloth diapering system. The system is geared to fit weights 20-50 lbs so if you are in the market for new cloth diapers when your baby is this weight you might want to consider purchasing this system and then you are completely set-no more buying (…but really…can any of us stop buying FLUFF??)

Disclosure: This product review is completely my own. I did not receive compensation (monetary or product wise) to write this review.

About Kelly Wels

Kelly Wels is a leading cloth diaper expert and advocate who has a passion for helping parents make informed decisions when it comes to how they diaper their babies. Most importantly, Kelly is a mom to three children, Olivia, Hanz and Riley. Kelly spends her free time working on several cloth diapering advocacy projects, including her new book “Changing Diapers: The Hip Mom’s Guide to Modern Cloth Diapering“, loves gardening, and consults with other entrepreneurs on their social media marketing efforts.
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8 Responses to Flip Training Pants Product Review

  1. Rebecca Jernigam says:

    I bought this set to use as a diaper on my not-yet-potty-training two year old, who is 39 lbs and wears a 3t or 4t pants. I am amazed by how well these fit! He isn’t even on the largest snap setting, and they don’t bite into his chunky thighs. Love these!

  2. Julie says:

    I am so happy I found your review on these trainers! I am waiting to buy these for my son who just turned 2….for what reason other than the cost?? They are out of stock on cottonbabies website right now, but I really really want to try these! I am getting ready to start potty training and told my hubby that these were the ones I wanted to use.
    Now, do I need to buy the side panels too, or do they come with them? My son is the size of a 4 yr old…tall and solid! In size 4-5 clothes already! Now, my 3 month old is almost 18 lbs already, so I can use these on him after I’m done potty training the older one. Very cool! :0)

  3. Jaimie says:

    Just my two cents for those with older kiddos:
    I purchased one to try out on my 4 year old who still needs to wear some fluff at night. I was happy to see the weight range up to 50 pounds…my daughter is 43 pounds, average build. I really like the trainer. It’s trim, it has hook and loop to hold the isert in place, BUT it is already so tight on her it leaves marks on her hips. I don’t see it lasting past 45 pounds (if she can still squeeze into it) and cannot see it fitting a 50 pound kiddo at all. (unless it’s a tall, skinny one!) I would love to see them make a larger trainer for older kids because there aren’t many options out there.

  4. Danielle Ethington says:

    I bought these for my tall, skinny two year old. So far, he is still too skinny for them, even at 26lbs. I wish they had one more row of snps o the hips to make the a little bit tighter around the waist. The legs fit well, but his waist is still too skinny. They do fit my 3.5yr old who is 30lbs and a bit chunkier. I am excited to try them at night with my older boy! I didn’t even think about that. He is a heavy wetter and night time has been a struggle since we didn’t have anything he could pull up and down. Haha, I didn’t realize we did with the Flip Trainers until this post! Thanks!

  5. Trisha W. says:

    I’m not even PTing yet, but I bought an Albert and Lovelace. I do think the covers should be sold separately too. The kit comes with lots of inserts which is great. However, if there is a poopy accident I’m guessing one would need a new cover to put one of the extra inserts into.

    Thank you for letting us know that other options work inside the new Flip Trainer too.

  6. Ashley Elwell says:

    I agree about needing to sell just the covers, and maybe making the inserts wider. This is one of my only options for my 2.5 year old daughter who weight about 35 pounds. All of the OS diapers I have are all too tight on her. So this is perfect for naps. I haven’t tried it for over night. So far I am really liking it! Just waiting to be able to buy another cover!

  7. I’m on the edge if I should purchase these for daycare or not for my toddler boy (2.5 yrs). We’ve been slowly working towards potty training, but he just sits and sits. I’m wondering if the price of two of these sets (our local retailer has these for $25 a box) are worth it for daycare? That may last for a day or two and wash every night or two.

  8. Daiva says:

    Great review. I’m thinking about buying these for my boys for night time.. I’m tired of buying diapers!

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