Encapsulating Your Placenta — Why you want to look into it & how to do it yourself!

So it all started with cloth diapers..

They were my ‘gateway drug’ into the semi-crunchy lifestyle I’ve adopted and despite what I may have thought, making the change to a healthier, greener life has pushed me to some boundary limits I never though I’d hit. Like encapsulating and consuming my own placenta.
The Why & How For Encapsulating and Consuming Your Placenta

Oh yeah, I just took it there. Before some of you click away in a hurry, hear me out. Not only have placentas been consumed for hundreds of years among other cultures but it’s packed full of rich nutrients. After all, it sustains the life of your baby in utero. The nutrients available are concentrated and made by your own body so it’s easier for your body to break down those nutrients when consumed and put them to good use for your post-partum recovery and your new baby.

Consuming your placenta can help balance postpartum hormone levels. Have you or any woman you’ve known dealt with postpartum depression? Or maybe you/they just weren’t at the top of their game emotionally after a life-changing event such as adding another little person to your family. I had a little bout of ppd after having my second daughter and I can tell you first hand that it’s not a fun thing to deal with and it can be really hard to feel comfortable enough to talk about how you’re feeling with other people. So instead of pumping your body with prescription medications to boost your mood, isn’t it amazing that your own body has created a natural defense against it? Placenta also helps to replenish your body’s iron levels which would add to this claim given that low iron levels can contribute to mood change and depression.

You know, perhaps my favorite benefit that is said to come from consuming placenta is that it helps the uterus get back to its pre-pregnancy state as well as reducing healing time and postpartum bleeding. With my first daughter I bled for about 3 weeks after giving birth and I remember being in pain for 4-6 taking the conventional prescriptions provided. Skip ahead to my second daughter when I decided to try encapsulating my placenta. I was back to helping my husband with the labor end of our home business within 3 days of giving birth and the pain was practically gone by a week! I know I can’t give 100% credit to the placenta pills, but given that is the only thing I did differently I’ll definitely credit them to some degree.

Consuming placenta is also said to boost energy levels and help to increase milk supply.

Have I at least piqued your interest? Talk with your hospital or birthing center about their policies concerning the placenta. Some places will hold it for you until you are discharged and some will allow you to keep it only if you provide a cooler and a way to get it home and refrigerated within 24 hours. Next, you’ll need to consider whether you want to hire someone to complete the process for you or if you want to be savvy and save some extra cash (& peace of mind) by encapsulating your placenta yourself with my photo tutorial and detailed process.

So, have you consumed your placenta or know someone who has? What is the top benefit to you for doing so? 

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