DIY Cloth Diapers and Diapering on a Budget

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When you first enter the vast world of cloth diapering, you may be overwhelmed by the average pricing of $10-20 per diaper, per size. I naturally gravitate towards DIY projects, so when I was introduced to cloth diapering, I instantly wondered how I can build my stash for less than $100.
When you first begin to research how to make cloth diapers, there are so many options for fabrics, it will make your head spin!  It is easy enough to get overwhelmed with the many cloth diapering options, let alone cloth diapering fabric options.
I spent the greater portion of my pregnancy with my second daughter obsessing over diaper patters, fabrics, AIOs, AI2s, Pockets, OS diapers, Sized Diapers….diapers, diapers, diapers! Whew!  I spent well beyond my $100 initial budget for cloth diapering because I became obsessed with the many different cloth diapering fabric options, notions, etc.
When my daughter was born  last year in June, I mostly ditched the PUL diapers that I made because she is hot-natured and would get rashes due the summer heat. I pulled the PUL back out in the winter time. In the summer I reach for prefolds, fitteds and the latest love of my cloth diapering live…WOOL!
I am here to tell you how build your diaper stash for less than $100 using normal, everyday items that you may either have in your home, or can find cheap second hand.
Here are my recommendations, Part DIY and part store bought.
In my opinion, every mom needs at least a dozen prefolds. My favorite prefolds are the one size econobum prefolds. This kit comes with 12 prefolds and 3 one size PUL covers for $50 . This will cover you for all of you PUL needs. You can use these one-sized PUL covers over your prefolds or fitteds.

Now for the DIY Part:
Used King Sized Flannel or Jersey Sheet Sets $0-10
Used Terry towels in any sizes $0-10
Used T-Shirts $0-10
100% Wool or Cashmere Sweaters $0-10
Misc – poly-braid Elastic, Velcro, S-hooks or Snappis $0-10
A Sewing Machine
A diaper pattern
There are tons of free cloth diaper patterns on line. There are also several patterns that you have to pay for which tend to have much more detailed direction than the free patterns. I will list a few patterns here:

Free Patterns:

Paid Patterns:

Once you gather all of your supplies and your pattern the rest is easy! If you have basic sewing skills you will be able to whip out diapers in no time at all! A large t-shirt can yield about 1-2 newborn or small diapers with 3 body layers. You can get up to 12 fitteds out of a king sized sheet set. You can tri fold a simple terry wash cloth for an absorbent soaker! Also the wool sweaters can be felted and lanolized and make the best, most breathable, water resistant covers around!
Cloth Diapering really does not have to be expensive or fancy. In my experience the most simplistic style of diapers work best for us.  Happy sewing and cloth diapering!

Shonny is a stay-at-home crunchy mother of three and self-proclaimed craft-a-holic. She enjoys spending time with her family, knitting, sewing, photography, pattern-drafting, soap-making, reading, staying busy with projects and learning new ways to be frugal.

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