Considering cloth for your twins? Check out these tips!

Having cloth diapered twins I am often asked what I suggest, what would I tell someone thinking about cloth diapering multiples, and how can you make it work?  This post will include some tips and tricks that will make the choice to cloth diaper SO much easier on you.mason spencer

  1. Ask for cloth diapers!  Seriously, you’re having multiples, the flow of gifts from the moment you learn that they’re on their way is never ending.  People want to help you, they want to get you what you need, they’re super generous.  Don’t be afraid to tell them you want to use cloth diapers or you’ll end up with a bunch of stuff you don’t need like twelve bottles of Johnson & Johnson Baby Oil and six Rubber Duckie bathtub thermometers.
  2. Create a Registry!  This goes with asking (above), you can’t just send people to the store to buy you cloth diapers.  Today many web stores and some local cloth diaper boutiques offer cloth diaper registries.   Create a registry and/or wish list.  Share it with your family so they can see just what modern cloth diapering is all about.  Should they not want to buy the diapers directly they can get you a gift certificate so you can shop for yourself.
  3. Take a class!  See if your local cloth diaper boutique or moms group has anyone that offers diaper demos or classes.  It’s a good way to get to see and feel all the different styles of cloth diapers in person and to get a better grasp on what you need and what styles you think you may want to buy.  It’s also a great way to make friends and connect with like-minded moms in your area.
  4. Try prefolds!  With twins, or more, you’ll be home and less likely to be venturing out of the house as often as families with a single baby.  Prefolds are easy to change, easy to wash, forgiving and have many uses.  Use as a burp cloth, changing pad, diaper, blankie…you can even stuff them in your bra if your breasts are leaking.  They’re inexpensive and if one gets ruined or goes missing you’re only out a couple bucks.
  5. Plan on doing diaper laundry more frequently!  You may want to do cloth diaper laundry every few days but you don’t want to let it build up to where you have more than you can wash in one load.  With twins, it’s safe to say you need to wash about every 36 hours.
  6. Buy the Changing Diapers book by Kelly Wels!  This handy guide tells you about washing, diaper ointments, how to fold, which brands to try, how to troubleshoot and where to shop online!  For $7.98 it really should be one of the first things you get when you’re considering cloth.

Well, the above tips should start you down the right path to discovering the cloth diapers you want to use when cloth diapering twins.  Another important tip…Ask for help!  All the retailers, blogs and fellow cloth diapering mamas are full of experience and passionate about cloth diapers.  Ask on the various blogs or Facebook pages and you’ll be sure to get answers fast to some of your questions.

Happy Cloth Diapering!

Julie, Cloth Diaper Geek

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Julie Clark is a mama to three crazy kids. She developed a passion for the industry after cloth diapering her twins. She's a former cloth diaper retailer and the mama behind the Cloth Diaper Geek blog.
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