AppleCheeks Printalicious Debut & Product Review


Kelly's son Riley in the new 'Delicious' AppleCheeks print.

From Kelly: I received my sample “Delicious” print AppleCheeks this Saturday and immediately put it on Riley. It was a beautiful day in Maine and my 13 year old daughter Olivia and I had a photo shoot. I hope you enjoyed the video and attached pictures of my little guy in this “Delicious” Print. Stay tuned for a fabulous AppleCheeks “Printalicious” giveaway starting tomorrow on my blog! The fun will continue tomorrow night, June 8th at 9pm est- join AppleCheeks at their “Printalicious Party”. To learn more details click here.

From Stacy:

So, I tried AppleCheeks months ago…  I bought a couple of Envelope Covers and I used them with some prefolds laid in them.  They were okay, but I ended up trading them with someone else for something else I wanted to try.

Well, then Baby Half Off had the big sale on AppleCheeks starter kits with the bamboo inserts, and well, I had to get some because they were such a good deal!  DUH!  (That site gets me every time).  So, since they were such a good deal, I had to get four- two for each of my kids.  And I wanted to try both sizes, so I got two of each.

Aaaaaaaaannnnnnd, so started my infatuation.  I can’t wait to get more.  How did I not recognize them the first time for the awesomeness that they are?

Maybe the bamboo inserts make all the difference- I love them.  They’re soft, they’re absorbent, they can be folded different ways… I always lay mine in the cover, because they’re nice that way- and I’m anti-stuffing lately.  And really, with the pocket placement where the poo lands, I’d rather not deal with pulling the insert out later.  😉

But it’s also  the envelope covers… They have wide tabs, and on their site it says this will help prevent wing droop- and it does!  I get zero wing droop with these diapers!  And the legs have gentle elastic that doesn’t make marks.  If the elastic is making marks, the diaper cover may be too small for your baby, because this elastic is super gentle.

My son is 30 pounds, tall, slim.  He wears the size 2 and has room to grow.  My daughter is 22 pounds, tiny build, and can wear a size 1- at 26 months.  She can also wear a size 2, but if you have a small-framed baby, keep in mind that there are no crossover tabs.  But AppleCheeks DOES make Waist Extenders- they add up to 2 inches of waist space and they snap right to the tabs… genius.

If the insert of these diapers gets super duper wet (like it does when my son goes to Grandma’s house for a couple of hours- I think she hands him a gallon jug of water every time), then the covers are going to leak.  But otherwise we haven’t had leaks with these diapers.  The bamboo is absorbent, and I need to get some of the bamboo boosters- they have a stay-dry one and a 2-layer bamboo one- for trips to Grandma’s and naps.

So yeah, definitely glad I tried these diapers again.  I’m using them every day now on my kids, and I recommend putting these Apples on your baby’s cheeks!

Stacy is a stay-at-home mom to four kids ranging in age from 1 to 8. She has been cloth-diapering for almost 3 years and is a self-proclaimed “diaper addict”. She loves trying new diapers and discussing all things diaper-related. She’s also striving to live more “greenly” in her home and loves finding new ways to do so.
Disclosure: The blog contributor was compensated monetarily for writing this post. The review is honest and written from the blog contributor’s view point.
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26 Responses to AppleCheeks Printalicious Debut & Product Review

  1. Andrea S. says:

    love the new prints!

  2. Katie says:

    The insert agitates out in the wash! That’s why it’s toward the middle, so you don’t have to unstuff! 😉 love the video, love the pics!

  3. Morgan N. says:

    The prints are so cute! Can’t wait to see them in person!

  4. Maia G says:

    I love the new prints! Apple cheeks did a great job!

  5. Melissa K says:

    Love the picture of the bag and diaper. The background looks awesome!!

  6. Jdeemarie says:

    Thanks for the great information and specifics to help me choose a size for my skinny little guy. At only 22 lbs and 18 months old, I’m thinking we might need the size 1.

  7. Stephanie Jacobson says:

    cute pics but I’m confused. The applecheeks official blog said that all of their blog reviewers (including yours) were hosting giveaways of the new prints but I don’t see instructions for how to enter your giveaway.

    I love the fit of Applecheeks diapers and the fact that I can use them as either pocket or AI2 (like previous post said, the insert agitates out in the wash if you use it as a pocket so you don’t have to unstuff). Both new prints are adorable but I think I like wild child best.
    sjacobson223 at gmail dot com

  8. Sarah Welte says:

    Love the prints!! delicious is my fave!!

  9. amy v says:

    I love the new prints! Your little guy looks so cute in his snazzy diaper! 🙂

  10. Stephanie Klemm says:

    I didn’t know it agitates in the wash! That’s great news!

  11. JennYH says:

    The prints are cute~ I like how they added apples to each of the prints!

  12. Sarah Bird says:

    I love Wild Child!

  13. Jahnava says:

    I also got addicted to Applecheeks after the BHO deal. I have since purchased seconds and more colors from Applecheeks, including extra bamboo inserts. Those bamboo inserts are awesome!!

    I’ve not had trouble with any leaking at all. I can put a Hemp Babies hemp insert in with the regular Applecheeks bamboo insert and my 14mo son is good for the night.

  14. Lexie says:

    I love the Delicious!

  15. Claude Campeau says:

    love the new prints!!

  16. iris fernandez says:

    ohohoh!!! thanks! so nice so cute! for my baby Létho the Wild Child!

  17. debbie m says:

    loving these new prints!!

  18. Mehera says:

    I am so in love with these prints!!!!

  19. jenny kennedy says:

    we love AC ans the delicious print

  20. Kristina S says:

    these are such cute prints!

  21. Mrs. Smitty says:

    Wow, I absolutely love both! The delicious is too cute!

  22. all natural katie says:

    I am craving some Applecheeks!
    allnaturalkatie at gmail dot com

  23. Chany says:

    The Wild Child print is so cute!

  24. Cassondra says:

    the prints are too adorable!

  25. Madeline says:

    I loved the size one I used during the newborn stage and would love to try the size two!

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