Adventures in Thong Wearing

Picture showing the outside of a Hanky Panky Thong with a Lunapads Thong Pantyliner snapped around.

I originally titled this post “Lunapads Thong Pantyliner Product Review”.  Just before I hit ‘post’ I decided I needed to change the title. It sounded WAY BORING. As many of you might know me I am a bit ‘animated’ so I thought the “Adventures in Thong Wearing” would get a better pick-up!

I never liked pads for my period. No offense to those of you that do but I just never liked them.  This post might a little ‘TMI’ (too much information) so if you are uncomfortable with me talking about my ‘lady bits’ or ‘girly parts’ I completely understand if you want to stop reading now.

During the work day I am very casual. Jeans and a comfy fleece pull-over; maybe a t-shirt with holes in it! (Now when I attend a show I put my professional clothes on!) I don’t spend much on clothes and like to find deals on eBay, goodwill, or consignment shops. One thing I do splurge on is my under-garments and coffee. Hold on there Kelly…(you might be saying) I really don’t need to know what is under your clothing. Well… to give you my complete review I need too-lol!

I. WEAR. THONGS. Gasp. Oooh. The word is out- KELLY.WELS.WEARS.THONGS.(Do you?) Those of you who don’t wear thongs might think now why would anyone in their right mind want a piece a cloth wedged up in their butt? I have one word…’liberating’. I choose the word ‘liberating’ as I am SO comfortable and love not having panty-lines. A few years ago I discovered the ultimate in thong underwear from a USA made company named Hanky Panky. I know the name sounds a bit risque but they are truly the best fitting thongs ever. (Side note: For Christmas last year I had one of my dearest friends, who owns a cloth diaper company, make me a pair of thongs. Yes, when I love a product I do tell all-lol!)

I have been in the cloth diaper industry for almost 12 years…and this is a shocker…used disposable tampons. Yes, I was a die-hard Tampax woman from way back and even though I didn’t use pads I did use pantyliners; the Always Thong Pantyliners. So this supposedly eco-friendly green Mom was ‘hiding in the cloth diaper closet(or some sort of closet-lol)’ and used DISPOSABLE Mama products. OMG!

When I owned the cloth diaper store we did carry some menstrual cups and we all laughed when they came in the store teasing each other “Who wants to be a Diva”? No one (at least to my knowledge) took on the challenge.

Move forward to 2012 and I discovered the Lunette Menstrual Cup from one of my Cloth Diaper Ambassadors, Stacy. She raved about the product and I had her write a review and it posted on the blog. I still wasn’t convinced to switch. An opportunity came around to distribute the product through my new distribution company. I finally switched to the Lunette cup (I will write my review on the Lunette later) but was still using the disposable thong pantyliners.

I then added the Lunapads Cloth Menstrual Pads to the distribution product line but still didn’t try them. I was never a pad girl- and why would I start now? Well, not so long ago I ran out of those disposable pantyliners. I was at my shop and still had to pick up my kids at school and didn’t want to go to the store afterwards. I grabbed 5 of the Lunapads Thong Pantyliners from the back storage room and decided to give it a shot.

I “tried them on” and it was nothing short of true amazement.

Lunapads Thong Pantyliner inside Hanky Panty Thong Underwear.

The fit inside the Hanky Panky Thongs was unmatched. Trim fitting, SO TRIM. (see pics of my…ummm..clean underwear with a clean Lunapads Thong Pantyliner) The absorbency was better than their disposable counter-parts.

Now Kelly Wels doesn’t have to hide anymore and you know way too much about what is under my clothing-LOL! …but now you know of three fabulous products (Lunapads, Lunette, & Hanky Panky) that I adore and what a difference it can make with being more comfortable, saving money, and being green! Cheers to ‘liberating our lady parts’ !

[p.s. I can’t take credit for the phrase ‘liberating our lady parts’- the credit goes to Julie, another one of my fabulous Cloth Diaper Ambassadors.] 🙂
Disclosure: I did not receive product samples from Lunapads or Hanky Panky. This review is solely written on my personal use with these products.

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Kelly Wels is a leading cloth diaper expert and advocate who has a passion for helping parents make informed decisions when it comes to how they diaper their babies. Most importantly, Kelly is a mom to three children, Olivia, Hanz and Riley. Kelly spends her free time working on several cloth diapering advocacy projects, including her book “Changing Diapers: The Hip Mom’s Guide to Modern Cloth Diapering“, loves gardening, and consults with other entrepreneurs on their social media marketing efforts.
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