A First Timer’s First Time Prepping Cloth Diapers – Uh Oh!

I am a type-A personality through and through – some call me an organizational freak.  My to-do lists have to-do lists.  So when it came to prepping my diapers, I put my skills into action. Ah, never has my over-planning, over-thinking, and over-worrying qualities been put to such good use!

Step 1: Labeling My Inserts

The first thing I did was sort my inserts and label them.  My cloth stash consists of FuzziBunz One Size pocket diapers, which come with two inserts (large and small).  The size is indicated on the tag, but I decided to mark each insert with a big “L” or “S” with a Sharpie. This way I wouldn’t have to spend extra time when stuffing diapers looking for the proper insert.

Step 2: Registering My Diapers

Each diaper I had came with a sticker that had a registry code on it. I had heard that registering your diapers was an important thing to do to ease any warranty claims and protect your diaper investment. I registered all my diapers – this was an investment worth protecting.

Step 3: Sizing My Diapers

Next, I sized all my diapers. I’m using one size diapers, so I needed them to fit my newborn’s teeny, tiny tushie.  I consulted the FuzziBunz sizing chart to set the leg and waist elastic and adjusted from there.

Once I felt comfortable with the way the diaper fit (ie, I tried it on my daughter), I was able to size the rest of my diapers.  This did take some time and I even enlisted some help because my fingers went a bit numb from adjusting the elastic. I know I will have to repeat this process as baby gets bigger, but I feel I will get a lot more bang for my buck out of the one size diapers for a little bit of extra work.  After all, I’m trying to save some money by cloth diapering.

Step 4: Washing My Diapers

There is so much information on the Internet about washing diapers that I think I started confusing myself and over-thinking the process. I decided to do the obvious; I would follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Brilliant idea, right!?!

I went to the manufacturer’s website and looked at the FAQ page.  All my questions were immediately answered.

I tossed the diapers into the machine, said a little prayer and started the load.

An hour later I’m happy to say that they came out beautifully! Whew, I didn’t ruin them!

As a final touch, I stuffed the diapers with my (clearly labeled) inserts and put them in the changing table drawer. They’re ready… now let’s see how that first diaper change goes…

By the way, I think type A personalities (like me!) and cloth diapering are well suited for each other!

What were some of the first things you did when you began using your cloth diapers?

About Amy Galvin

Amy Galvin is a second time mom using cloth diapers for the first time. With the arrival of her second daughter in 2012, she decided to ditch the disposables and give cloth diapering a go. Amy has been blogging since the arrival of her first daughter in 2009 at SecondCityMommy.com. She loves chronicling her experiences in motherhood and is excited to add cloth diapering to her adventures.
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4 Responses to A First Timer’s First Time Prepping Cloth Diapers – Uh Oh!

  1. Rose J. says:

    Very funny, good luck on cloth diapering! I’m sure you’ll love it and become addicted like most of us. But next time, don’t label your inserts – it will make them hard to re-sell in the future. Instead, just put the long ones away, since you only need the short ones now for a newborn. Plus – you can clearly see the size different 🙂

  2. Amanda says:

    I have a touch of type A as well. Unfortunately, my stash consists of 10 different brands of cloth diapers, and each brand has it’s own washing instructions, some of which are VERY different! Not only do I have an excel spreadsheet (of which diapers we have, how much we paid, what size baby they fit, and what I still would like to purchase AND room to rate them for different ages after baby arrives), I also have a page on that spreadsheet with care instructions so I don’t invalidate any of the warranties. My biggest concern was that the bumGenius instructions say to wash at no more than 100*, but my hot water heater is set at 120. So after much worrying and some extra research, I decided to wash them at the 120 with everything else, because the cotton babies website (makers of bumGenius) say to wash less than 120. But I can’t tell you how much angst went into that decision, thanks to my Type A…

  3. Julie M. says:

    This was very helpful, thank you! I didn’t know you could register your diapers!!

  4. Wow! I’m glad to know I’m not the only first timer who took a sharpie and labeled up the inserts. I have a stash of various sized Kawaii Baby diapers, which ended up in 3 different size inserts. Basically newborn to extra large. Went to their website read the prep instructions and wholly molly they’re ready for DS’s arrival.

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