7 DIY Ideas for Cloth Diapers!


One reason many parents choose to cloth diaper is for the financial savings. You can save thousands of dollars just by using cloth diapers on your baby. Want to save even more? Here’s some DIY ideas for all things cloth diapers!

Make your own wipes solution with this recipe from Diaper Wrecker.


Keep your pail fresh with this recipe from Homespun Aesthetic.


Keep your baby’s skin dry or protect from diaper creams with these DIY fleece liners from The Anti-June Cleaver.



Reduce dry time with DIY wool dryer balls from Thinking About Cloth Diapers.



Contain your dirty diapers in a home sewn wet bag from Cloth Diaper Guru.



Solve nighttime leaks with a DIY wool soaker from Lo-Wren.



Cloth wipes are easy with tutorial from Padded Tush Stats.



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