5 Signs Your Toddler Might Be Ready To Potty Train

5 signs your toddler might be ready to potty train via @kellywels ambassador @chgdiapers

If you have mixed feelings about potty training, you’re not alone. Whether or not you’ve already stocked up on cloth training pants and however you feel about saying goodbye to cloth diapers, your little one might be ready for my slacker mom potty training method.

Every child is different but here are a few signs you might want to introduce the potty:

Telling you s/he is wet and/or asking to be changed immediately: Dislike of wet/dirty diapers can be a sign in children who didn’t seem bothered before.

Having a predictable poop schedule: If your toddler had a regular bowel movement schedule and “ploppable” poops, that’s another sign. (Though pooping in the potty was one of the last things for my kids to master.)

Dry diapers/flooded diapers: When toddlers gain more bladder control then can stay dry for longer periods and wet a lot at once, “flooding” a diaper. If you change a diaper that is dry, suggest your little one sit on the potty.

Interest in family members using the bathroom: If your little one goes beyond following you into the bathroom and begins asking questions about the process, why not get a little potty to keep in the bathroom so s/he can try when you go!

Talking about being a big boy/girl and not a baby: Does your toddler want to be independent and do big kid things? Talk about how big kids wear underwear and go in the potty. Consider letting him/her choose a pack of underwear s/he likes.

If you or your child gets frustrated that’s a big sign maybe he isn’t quite ready yet!

What other signs did you notice?

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