5 Fun Natural Parenting iPhone Apps

Are you addicted to your iPhone like me?  Looking for a few apps to add to your collection? Here are a few of my favorite eco-friendly, baby, toddler, and cloth diaper related apps that you might enjoy.

5 Fun Natural Parenting iPhone Apps

  1. Cloth Diaper Resources.  Released in July 2011 by Kim of Dirty Diaper Laundry, this app is a great collection of cloth diaper video reviews and other resources to help you along your cloth diapering journey.  Included in this free app is a cloth diapering glossary, tips to getting started, and over 100 video reviews of the most popular (and some lesser known) cloth diapers.  A must have app for any cloth diapering family!
  2. Fluff Stash.  Also released in July 2011, this app is a fun way to chronicle your fluffy stash!  Add photos of each of the diapers in your stash, add notes, and categorize them any way you like.  Do you categorize your diapers by type, color, brand, or closure?  This fun app is only $0.99 and is a great way for you to inventory your stash and share with friends.
  3. Super Baby Food.  My favorite guide for feeding babies is now available in an app. I bought a copy of Super Baby Food (the book) back when my first was born (almost 9 years ago).  This app features a guide for how (and when) to introduce solids to your baby along with some of the best recipes that are also found in the book.  Making your babies food doesn’t have to be complicated and can actually save you money.  Cost: Free
  4. Baby Sign and Learn.  Communicate with your baby before they can talk with baby sign language.  This app has cute animated babies who sign a few of the most common first words for you and your baby.  Even if you don’t know sign language this app will help teach you and your baby how to speak to one another.  Cost: Free (with paid add-on app)
  5. Elmo Calls.  OK, so it’s not a natural parenting app but it is one that will distract and entertain your baby or toddler.  How would they like to receive a phone call from their favorite red furry friend, Elmo?  Elmo will call or have a video chat with your child.  This is a great app to distract your baby during diaper changes or to use to ease those toddler tantrums.  Cost: $0.99

Do you have a favorite iPhone app that helps to make you a better parent?  Share your favorites in the comments or visit me on Facebook and continue the conversation there.  

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Calley Pate is a 30-something wife and mom of 2 with a love for the environment. Her passion led her to cloth diapering and all things related to natural parenting. Calley is a Biologist turned Social Media & Marketing addict who enjoys spending all day online talking about diapers and gets to call it work. You can find Calley on The Eco Chic blog, hosting cloth diaper Twitter Parties at Eco Chic Parties, and working behind the scenes with many of your favorite cloth diapering companies including DiaperShops.com/Kelly’s Closet and itti bitti.
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